A trainee talks about her experiences training to be a teacher with Preston Teaching School Alliance School Direct graduate teaching programme.

Sophie Wilson has just graduated from the Preston TSA School Direct graduate teaching programme. She opted for General Primary, specialising in Early Years, and has already secured a teaching job within Preston Teaching School Alliance to start in September 2017. Like many graduates from the programme she talks positively about her experiences.

"There are so many benefits to training with Preston Teaching School Alliance. You are in school all the time, rather than completing block placements, so the children get used to you. As soon as you begin you are treated as a staff member and work alongside outstanding teachers learning how to plan, differentiate the childrens' learning and so on. It was a really positive experience," she says.

"The structure of the course really worked for me. The university focussed conference days were delivered at a school in Preston so we didn't have to travel up to the campus in Lancaster."

"I found Preston Teaching School Alliance to be incredibly supportive. The School Direct programme is really well organised and structured. It is a tough year but worth all the hard work. I secured my job to teach a Year 4 class in a local primary school via the Alliance. My commitment and hard work was recognised by a Headteacher who passed on positive feedback to the school. I am really looking forward to starting in September."

For further information about the Preston TSA School Direct Programme go to the Teacher Training pages.