“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

Henry Ford


Preston Primary and Secondary Alliance aims to offer a broad range of high-quality professional development. We want to be able to support schools in all phases both within and outside the alliance.

We would like to consolidate and develop the range of CPD opportunities on offer in our schools in order to share and develop effective continuous professional development for all levels of staff.

Our aim is to meet the needs of as many staff as possible, to increase the number of alliance staff participating in programmes in order to widen the number of benefitting from outstanding practice and ensuring collaboration across the phases so that firmer links are made between them.

The following CPD and curriculum opportunities are available for 2023-2024:

Leadership Directory for Mentoring and Coaching

This directory of school leaders provides opportunities for colleagues who are aspiring leaders at any level from our local schools. They are able to contact or link up with other leaders either for a quick chat, advice, mentoring, meeting up or a more structured plan for leadership development. These colleagues will be delighted to provide support/advice.

PPSA CPD Programme 2023-2024 

This programme of CPD network meetings has been planned to continue and develop the conversations started last academic year so that we can all benefit from our continued collaboration. The sessions enable colleagues to share subject specific good practice and provide advice, tips and strategies, and take place at Broughton High School on Thursday mornings. Please email Sinead Sweeney should you have any teachers who would like to attend any of the sessions or would like further information -  sweeneys@broughtonhigh.co.uk.

PPSA School’s Collaboration Hub

This collaboration Hub comprises a variety of high-quality teaching and learning resources to be shared with our local schools for the benefit of our pupils in the classroom.

For further information about CPD opportunities you would be interested in or if you are able to offer interesting opportunities which can be shared across the alliance please contact Jackie Williams via email – williamsj@broughtonhigh.co.uk.

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